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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Disney Professional Internships Spring 2013 - UPDATE

So much has happened since my interview that I cannot believe it has been two week, that the Management Internship deadline has passed, and that we are less than two weeks away from the Professional Internship deadline. I know that this process is long, so I am very happy that these past weeks have gone by so quickly.

Checked my dashboard this morning and TWO more internships moved into interview stage! That puts me at six internship in 'Interview Stage'. They are:

  • Management Internship - Theme Parks
  • Disney Destinations Digital Marketing Internship
  • Distribution Marketing Services - Digital Marketing Services Internship
  • Disney Youth Programs Marketing Internship
  • Disney Cruise Line Public Relations Internship
  • Distribution Marketing Services - Social Media Internship
Additionally, I am 'In Progress' for six internships. They are:

  • WDW Florida Regional  Marketing Strategy Internship
  • Disney Cruise Line Sales Assistance Internship
  • CMR Guest Experience Internship
  • Disney Vacation Club Marketing Strategy Internship
  • Global CMR Growth Business Marketing Internship
  • Disney Photo Imaging - Marketing and Communications Internship
But not all is good news - I did get two emails telling me that I was out of the running for Central Florida Tourist WDW Marketing Strategy Internship and Travel Industry Marketing Internship. Now here is my advice to you for getting notified about NLIC's - not everyone gets an email. It all depends on the department. The best thing you can do is check you dashboard regularly (or if you are like me - compulsively on a daily basis)

All NLIC's are disappointing, but I am still in the running for my top choices, so I am excited, anxious, and many other things all at the same time. Can't wait to see what happens next :D

In other news - I am going Disneyland next week! 

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  1. Sounds very exciting and emotional. God thing we have lots to distract us over the next two weeks.