Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Disney Professional Internships Spring 2013 - Competition???

** The Following is my own opinion. Take it or leave it as you will. **

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A question came up on one of the discussion boards about Disney Internships and competition. Why is it someone would willing give out information about their experiences to others competing for the same position? This is a valid question - If I had taken a test before another person, I would not share the answers with them. So why do I share my knowledge with you?

For me it is quite simple - I do not want to get a professional internship based on a technicality. I want to get my internship because I am the best candidate for the job. I could not fully enjoy my position knowing that I got it because someone stumbled on their interview questions. These positions are tough to get and the competition is fierce, which makes earning one even more satisfying.

Simba v Scar

I see sharing my insights sort-of like tutoring - when I am in a class and someone does not understand the material, I do not say - 'Oh well, try harder'. This is not how people learn. I believe that sharing the information I know helps those prepare adequately for their interview.

Along that same thought - just because you know the questions does not mean you know the answers. All of the questions Disney asks you in your interview are open ended/behavioral questions - there are no right/wrong answers. If I told you what my answer was to this question: "Describe a difficult situation and how you resolved it?" My answer if from my own history. Telling you my answer would do you no good. These questions are constructed to learn more about you and your abilities, not mine.

Mickey Mouse v George Lucas

Now think about this - has there ever been a time when you have gone into a test/interview situation where you did not prepare? For exams - the professors give us the information that will be covered; For interviews - we have the company background, the job description, and the internet to give us more information. By sharing with you all my personal experience, it gives you a basis for what to expect. It is then up to you to decide what to do with this information.

Final point - Disney is not the only one to use these questions. I have answered them at numerous interviews with companies, including: Wyndham, Target, and Chatter Buzz Media. These questions are also discussed in interview prep courses.

Bottom line - you will never have to go into anything unprepared. I genuinely want every single person to have the best interview possible and have their best shot at getting the position. In the spirit of true competition - I want to beat you because I am the better candidate, not because you were at a disadvantage.  After all, there is nothing wrong with a little bit of friendly competition ;)

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  1. Well said...and right on target. Another thing I would like to add is that this encompasses selfless service. People like the aforementioned person will never get people like us. Why? Because they do not understand the meaning of the word selfless...and that is indicative of society as a whole...and a whole entirely different conversation. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don't believe this is selfless. Sharon is absolutely being selfish in the best sense of the word. In the very beginning of the article she states she is spreading the word in order to ensure to herself that he win was noble and just. In this case she is ensuring the best outcome for herself and only as a side benefit is she helping others.

    Sharon and I have talked extensively about this. The more you are truly selfish, i.e. committed to justice, truth, and adherence to your values, the more you benefit your self in a selfish way and inevitably the more others around you benefit from the glow of your honesty and virtue.

    I truly hope reason and truth can rescue the words selfish and selfless from the grips of religious dogma from which this cross of definitions. To be selfless is to loose the one thing that gives you life and makes you special. It is to debase your very existence. To be truly selfish is to do what is right by you, not for your material wealth, but the wealth of your soul.

    I very much enjoyed reading Sharon's article, and also responding to the comment.